With Molly Cocoa Portable Mini 8oz BTU Portable Gas Stove with casserole pot Exclusive bag 10.6(W)x8.9(D)x7.5(H)inches


About Product
1. Essential outdoor picnic and camping item set! It includes a mini gas burner, a cast iron pan, and a dedicated case, all designed for practical use.
2. The mini burner offers compact size and ample firepower. Constructed from stainless steel, it's durable and sturdy, featuring a circular windscreen for enhanced efficiency.
3. The cast iron pan, perfectly matched to the mini burner, is made from aluminum alloy, boasting excellent heat conductivity and resilience without deformation. Its non-stick coating suits grilling dishes perfectly.
4. The cast iron pan comes with a heat-resistant glass lid. Explore using it as both a pan and a pot.
5. The specialized bag, equipped with sturdy handles, is designed to accommodate the mini burner and cast iron pan effortlessly.

Product Specification
- Components: mini gas burner, cast iron pan, carrying bag
- Size & Weight (when packed in bag): 27(W)x22.5(D)x19(H)cm, 2kg / 10.6(W)x8.9(D)x7.5(H)inches, 4.4lbs
- Material: (Mini Burner) Stainless Steel, Zinc-coated Steel Plate, (Cast Iron Pan) Aluminum, Heat-resistant Glass, Stainless Steel, (Bag) Polyester
- Gas Type: Butane
- Gas Consumption: 140g/h
- Heat Output: 1.9kW