With Molly True Cook IH Induction Frying Pan Set of 4P Black


About Product
1. Introducing a set of 4 frying pans with the best coating that doesn't stick or burn, thanks to ceramic coating!
2. The pans are made of aluminum die-casting material in a stylish black color. The premium handle is crafted from highly durable premium maple wood, making it a sophisticated addition to your kitchen. You can easily transition from the gas stove to the dining table, creating an elegant tableware setting.
3. The coating is not fluorine but ceramic. It offers excellent heat conductivity, is resistant to high temperatures, and does not emit harmful gases even with overheating. Enjoy cooking more comfortably as food doesn't stick to the surface.
4. Compatible with all heat sources, including gas stoves and induction cooktops.
5. This set includes the essential sizes for your kitchen – a 26cm (10.2 inch) frying pan, a 20cm (7.8 inch) grill pan, a 26cm (10.2 inch) wok, and a square pan. It's a well-thought-out collection for your kitchen needs.

Product Specification
Components: a 26cm (10.2 inch) frying pan, a 20cm (7.8 inch) grill pan, a 26cm (10.2 inch) wok, a square pan
Material: Aluminum (Ceramic Coating), Maple Wood
Compatible Heat Sources: Gas Stove, Induction Cooktop, Halogen Cooker

1. Before using, please season the product. Soak a kitchen towel in oil and evenly wipe the cookware on low heat before use.
2. Never cut ingredients inside the cookware. Coating may crack or peel due to impact.
3. Use wooden or silicone cooking utensils. Using sharp metal utensils may cause scratches or damage to the coating surface.
4. To preserve the coating for an extended period, use a soft scrubber and neutral detergent.