With Molly Yeongchang Albert Weber Flute fantastic sound AWFL-150


About Product
1. Introducing the Albert Weber Flute (AWFL 150), meticulously crafted with rigorous inspection and delicate management.
2. Featuring a key design that ensures stable intonation and exceptional durability.
3. The skillfully crafted LIP PLATE, made with precision, produces an easy, smooth, and beautiful sound suitable for professional performances.
4. The oval-shaped design allows even beginners to play effortlessly, experiencing a cleaner and more refined tone.
5. Comes with a dedicated hard case and soft case for safer and more secure storage of the instrument.

Model No.: AWFL-150
Key: C
Material: Nikel Silver Body
Spring: Stainless Steel
Key System: Offset G with C Foot: e-machanism
Lip Plate: Undercut / Embouchure hole
Finish: Silver-Plated
Headjoint: Nikel Silver
Body & Footpoint: Nikel Silver
Components: Flute, Hard Case, Soft Case, Fabric