Withmolly 6PCS Spice Cruets Set Travel Size Salt Bottle BBQ Sauce Container With Storage wood box for Camping Hiking BBQ Self-Driving Traveling


About Product
It is a camping spice jar set made of vintage-style wooden material.
It can accommodate a total of 6 spice jars. The spice jars are made of transparent PET material, allowing for easy visibility of the contents.
It is coated with durable polyurethane finish, making it resistant to water, rain, and humidity. It also prevents discoloration and corrosion of the wood.
Size: (outer)(outer) 15(W)x10(D)x13.5(H)cm / 5.9W)x3.9(D)x5.3(H)inch
Components: Wood Box, Spice jar 6pcs(1pc/100ml), carrying bag

Product Specification
Size: (outer) 15(W)x10(D)x13.5(H)cm / 5.9W)x3.9(D)x5.3(H)inch
Material: Red pine wood, PET
Color: Walnut

1. The wooden material is susceptible to direct sunlight and moisture. It may experience splitting or other damage when exposed to rapid temperature changes or fluctuations in humidity. Therefore, it is recommended to store it in a shaded and well-ventilated area.
2. While the product is waterproof, prolonged exposure to moisture can still cause stains or warping.