ZC150 Classic Dutch Coffee Cold Brew Coffee Iced Coffee Maker Home Hand Drip Dutch Machine (1500ml) For 15 People 11.8 x 8.2 x 36.2 in

About Product
It is a machine that can brew Dutch coffee for 15 people. There is also a classic and luxurious interior effect.
  • Component : upper glass, intermediate glass, lower glass, snail tube, copper valves, glass covers, wooden stands, and common parts.
  • Common Parts (New Classic/Modern ZC150) : Dutch coffee spoon, Dutch paper filter 1 bundle (20 sheets), Dutch coffee filter
  • Extract Dutch tools :
  • 1. Prepare and crush Dutch coffee beans
    2. Put the beans in. (Prepare a Dutch coffee filter and a paper filter)
    3. Preparation for extraction
    4. Start extracting
  • 15 people ZC150 structure: The bottom glass/Water control valve/Dust cover/Medium glass. (Coffee container)/Cochlea/The bottom glass
Product Specification
  • Material : stainless steel, colored glass, polypropylene, fluor resin genius, paper, control, oak
  • Size : 30 cm × 21 cm × 92 cm / 11.8 x 8.2 x 36.2 in