With Molly Portable Camping Tea Set kettle 1p, tea cup 2p wooden tray storage bag 8.3(W)x5.7(D)x3.8(H)in


About Product
1. Enjoy a cup of tea anytime, anywhere with this portable tea set for two!
2. These cups are perfect for tea or even as premium sake cups! The portable tea set exudes a luxurious atmosphere with a design that is simple yet carries a touch of traditional charm, offering an elegant tea time with family and friends.
3. The custom carrying case provides shock absorption to protect the ceramic tea cups and teapot from damage. It is convenient to carry, whether in your car's dashboard or by hand.
4. The set is designed for two people, including a teapot and two tea cups, along with a bamboo tray and bamboo tea tongs.
5. With a clean white-tone design and a clear, crisp sound when the cups clink, you will find this set pleasing to both the eye and the ear.

Product Specification
Size: (When packed in the carrying pouch) 21(W)x14.5(D)x9.5(H)cm / 8.3(W)x5.7(D)x3.8(H)in
Components: Teapot, 2 Tea Cups, Tongs, Tray, Carrying Pouch, Cloth
Material: (Teapot/Tea Cups) Ceramic, (Tongs/Tray) Bamboo
Color: White