2PCS Square enamel pan Storage with handle & lid containers and cookware 2 in 1- 2.2L, 7.8x6.2x4.7x6.2inch


About Product
Storage containers and cookware 2 in 1
It is a pot that can be used in all fire sources and can be used as a refrigerator storage container after use.
Neat storage, beautiful design
It has a graduated scale and a convenient lid, making it more convenient to use.
Induction available

Product Specification
Material: body: aluminum with enamel coating, lid: PE
Size :
Small body-Length (including handle) 18 cm, Width 14 cm, Height 11.5 cm Lid - 14 cm / 7x5.5x4.5x5.5inch
Large Body-length (including handle) 20 cm, width 16 cm, height 12 cm lid-16 cm / 7.8x6.2x4.7x6.2inch
Capacity : Small - 1.45 L, Large - 2.2 L
*The large package of enamel container says 2.65 L, but the actual capacity is 2.2 L01, so please refer to this
made in china