Attaches anywhere Detachable attachment schedule Planner Detachable Refrigerator Memo Sheet Memo Sticker_2P+board marker 2P set

About Product
- Schedule planner that can be easily attached and detached anywhere without damage
- Use it lightly and not heavy like a board magnet made of special material instead of a regular sticker
- Convenient and natural, write, erase and use smoothly
- Use it cleanly like the first time. reusable

Product specifications
Size: Monthly Plan 32x22.5cm , Daily Meal Plan 42x29.7cm / Monthly Plan 12.5x8.8inch , Daily Meal Plan 16.5x11.6inch
Places that can be attached: Refrigerator, window, smooth wall, furniture, front door, etc.

Tips for Using the Memo Sticky Board
Removal of foreign substances on the adhesive surface
Stick a sticker on the back corner.
Apply by pressing with a dry tissue or soft cloth.
segregation of protected land