Enex Column-type 2 Tier Dish Rack Dish Rack Wire Shelf Liner Dish Holer 24.8x16.5x10inch


About Product
It can be placed anywhere you want by moving the pillars according to the structure of the kitchen.
Create a sophisticated atmosphere with a simple and clean design,Sturdy product using stainless steel, ABS and silicone materials
Convenient and hygienic with a slide-type drip tray located under the drying rack, Designed with a low front design for convenient storage
Durable cutlery made of transparent PC material.There is a divider in the middle of the cutlery container for convenient storage,
Consists of a removable plate holder that can be moved and placed as needed, Color: Chrome Gloss, Ivory, Size: 630 X 420 X 256mm / 24.8x16.5x10inch

Product Specification
Number of steps: 2nd stage
Whether a cutlery container is included: including a cutlery container
Hanging Present: Without Hanging (ring)
Storage Organization Space Location: Upper Sink Manager
Material: Stainless steel/steel/tin
Color: Chrome Gloss, Ivory
Size: 630 X 420 X 256mm / 24.8x16.5x10inch