Hurom HH-SBF11 Vegetable and Fruit Juicer 220V C-Connector

About product
  • Natural taste and nutrition with slow squeezing : hurom slow juicer preserves the natural taste and nutrition of non-grinding but raw goods thanks to the innovative technology of SST (Slow Squeeze Technology)
  • 2nd generation hurom controls the discharge pressure of residues when juice with the newly installed control lever extraction : more quantity pressed with control lever. On this, the best quality of juice extraction is possible for users to choose with juice / without pulp depending on taste
  • Mix different ingredients : juice cap in the outlet of the undiluted solution makes it possible to mix different components. It is convenient for users to make one of a kind that is thicker and healthier by adding preferred ingredients.
  • Easy to clean : with simple cleaning function while replacing ingredients makes it easy to clean the inside of the chamber, which can be used in different types of ingredients on a continuous base. 
Product specification
  • Brand : Hurom
  • Item model number : ‎HH-SBF11
  • Shape of the charging port : crescent
  • Housing material : plastic
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) : 158 x 233 x 404 mm
  • Power (B): 200 W. Voltage (V) : 220 V.
  • Type: single gear (masticating)
  • Adjustment of the juicer : no selection
  • Method : table
  • function : juicing
  • milkshake rating (U/min) : 120,000 rpm
  • Capacity : 5 rpm. 10000ml
  • Blade material : alloy
  • Pulp container volume : 1L-1.5L