With Molly Food dehydrator, easy to use Increases moisture and maintains nutrients 4.3x4.3x8.8"


About Product
1. Easily and quickly removes moisture from food ingredients! Keep the nutrients while removing the moisture for more enjoyable cooking!
2. Very simple to use! No electricity is needed. Just press and turn, and the moisture from the food ingredients will be drained away!
3. You can choose from a total of 9 levels of dehydration intensity. Select the level that suits the food ingredients.
4. After dehydrating, the water that has drained from the food ingredients collects in the bottom container of the product. Discard the water and simply clean the container.
5. The powerful dehydration is made possible by the built-in spring! Made with stainless steel 304, it is suitable for repeated use long time!

Product Specification
Size & Weight: 11x11x22.5cm 520g / 4.3x4.3x8.8inch 1.15lbs
Material: ABS, Stainless Steel 304
Color: White